• Quality

    We have over 100 years combined industry experience. We source and deliver only the finest products, working with over 50 local BC Growers to make sure we deliver “Certified BC’s Best” every time.

  • Trust

    We have the best products in all of Canada and employ some of BC’s Best people! We are here for you anytime you need us. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our service and our community has certified us as BC’s Best.

  • Community

    Our customers are our family and we treat them that way! Our THCD community is strong and vibrant and connected to everything we do.

  • Selection

    We have a wide variety of products to choose from at all different price-points. We are committed to constantly expanding our catalog and engaging our customers in the conversation every step of the way.

  • Delivery

    It’s what we do and it’s in our name. Our delivery is reliable and fast and arrives in 2-3 days for orders placed before 2PM PST.

  • Discretion

    Our packages are delivered with the utmost care. We ensure the contents are discrete and undetectable the entire way to your door.

THCD Insurance

We offer a low rate to insure orders that are lost or stolen in transit with our courier. THCD will replace your order no questions asked in the unlikely event it goes missing before it reaches your door.

THCD Insurance does not cover orders that are marked as “Delivered”. This option can be selected during check-out and offers ultimate piece of mind for our customers.

THCD Rewards

At THC Delivery we offer a comprehensive rewards program to our amazing community of loyal customers.

Earn THCD points for:

  1. Buying products – Earn 1% of your purchase back in THCD points (applied to account upon order completion)
  2. Logging in – Earn 5 THCD points daily when you log in to your account on THC Delivery
  3. Reviewing products – Earn 50 THCD Points per review (maximum 1 review per product per customer)
  4. Referring friends – Earn 1000 THCD points for referring friends (applied upon completion of 1st order from the customer you refer)
  5. Promotions run by the THCD staff

THCD Points can be accumulated and applied directly toward your future purchases to partially or completely discount your purchase.

There is no expiry date for THCD Points and our customers can find their point balance, transaction history, and personalized referral web-link on their My Account page.