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My name is Cassey and I’m 29 from North Bay . I have been using ThcDelivery.ca for a little over 2 years now. They offer a wide variety of buds that are reasonably priced and shipped to your door usually within 3 business days. I have never had an issue with my order and they are very prompt with answering questions. Their products have all been top notch and came just as the picture appears with spot on counts. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to purchase high quality products that are reasonably priced. They are discreet and professional as they come


Hey a little write up to tell how I like your moms! As a medical user (legal) I use cannabis for my chronic pain/ insomnia and anxiety! I’ve always found good strain that can help me. Always top notch product with great quality. When people ask me my best place, I send them right to you!

Keep doing the good work and make people happy 😀

Have a good day thanks

Thanks you 🙂


I use this service because it is discrete, fresh and high quality.

I enjoy the service because it is always bringing new products to their

offerings and the customer services is top notch!


These guys are friggin’ awesome! They were one of the first MOM sites that

I’ve tried, and I am always watching to see what new goodies pop up on the

menu. What first attracted me was that BC Fire hash – you cannot go wrong

with this stuff! Quick shipping and communication means their customer

service is just as good as their smokables. I would not hesitate to

recommend THC-D, they are surely to Deliver the goods!!


THC Delivery has been very good, responsive and reliable. The product is good and as advertised. The delivery is fast and efficient, no problems. I enjoy the process of ordering and learning about the various products and deals.


I use THCDelivery because the service is fast and discreet.

I enjoy the products mainly for chronic pain management but from time to

time during social activities just to enjoy the buzz with friends.

I have compression fractures in several vertebrae and smoking brings me the

joy of settled nerves and reduced pain. The difference between sleeping

joyfully or tossing and turning in discomfort all night.

Thank you THCDelivery


My name is Amanda and I am from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I first heard of your delivery service from a local friend and thought that I would try it out. I was amazed by the quality of product I received and I can’t find quality weed anywhere like this locally. I enjoy how fast the product comes to my door, as well as the affordable prices compared to many other online websites! Thank you for always providing the best green!


My name is Adam I’m 36 and I’m from St Denis de Brompton in Quebec. I heard

about this site through friends. I love there site. Clear easy to use and

plenty of information for each product to help with your selection.

I use THCDELIVERY because I know it’s reliable. I placed my first order a

couple days ago and it couldn’t of been easier! Canada post tracking

number. Detailed billing info. I’ll be receiving my order tomorrow or

Friday latest. I was a little tired of buying in the streets plus you never

know what your getting really. With THCDELIVERY i do. Thanks!!


I use this site because of the quick and easy shipping, love the choice of products available and I’ve never been disappointed! Top quality!


Always have quality products available, provide all the information I need to make informed decisions, good prices, fast shipping and receiving. Always helpful and knowledgeable about the products offered!


Hi! I go by Anny. I live in Sudbury and I’m 31. I decided to try your service because although I have my medicinal card, you can only buy flowers from Helath Canada approved facilities currently. I wanted to explore other methods of medicating.

All of the products I have tried so far have been top notch. Can’t wait to place my next order!


-Anny L.

My name is Gail and I am 57 years old. I live in Wasaga Beach Ontario and

find the selection of items you can buy amazing! I love love the

convenience of being able to shop online and have my items delivered to my

home so quickly. Every product I have tried has been fantastic and I would

and do recommend to everyone. Thanks for the great job.

-Gail P.